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Olivier Cadiot

Olivier Cadiot

Olivier Cadiot

(France, 1956)
Olivier Cadiot is a writer, poet, dramatist and translator. His first book of poems, L'Art poetic’, in which he used the cut-up technique, was published in 1988. Then he undertook a series of novels, beginning with Futur, ancien, fugitif in 1993 and culminating in Un mage en été in 2010. In these books he explores, and crosses, the tension between poetry and novels. 
In 1995 and 1996, Cadiot coedited the Revue de Littérature générale with Pierre Alferi. He has given numerous performances and public readings, and most of his work has been adapted to the theater. In 2010, Cadiot was Artistic Associate for the Festival d'Avignon. He also works with musicians and composers, including Pascal Dusapin, with whom he created Il-li-ko and the opera Romeo et Juliette, and the French rock musician Rodolphe Burger.

Some of Cadiot’s works have been translated into English, such as Red, Green & Black, which he co-translated with Charles Bernstein, and Art Poetic’ and Colonel Zoo, translated by Cole Swensen. His poetry also has appeared in various American magazines, such as ‘Serie d'Ecriture #7’, published by Keith Waldrop and Rosemary Waldrop's Burning Deck Press.
© P.O.L (Translated by Holly Dye)

L'art poétic', P.O.L, Paris, 1988
Roméo & Juliette I, P.O.L, Paris, 1989
Futur, ancien, fugitif, P.O.L, Paris, 1993
Le colonel des Zouaves, P.O.L, Paris, 1997
Retour définitif et durable de l'être aimé, P.O.L, Paris, 2002
Fairy queen, P.O.L, Paris, 2002
Un nid pourquoi faire, P.O.L, Paris, 2007
Un mage en été, P.O.L, Paris, 2010
Providence, P.O.L, Paris, 2015

In English
Red, Green, Black, trans. with Charles Bernstein, Potes & Poets Press, 1990
Voyages Anciens, trans. Cole Swensen, Ankle Press, 1994
Art Poetic, trans. Cole Swensen, Green Integer, 1999
Future, Former, Fugitive, trans. Cole Swensen, Roof Books, 2004
Colonel Zoo, trans. Cole Swensen, Green Integer, 2006

14.01.02, CD of Cadiot's lecture Retour définitif et durable de l’être aimé, P.O.L, Paris, 2002
With Rodolphe Burger:
On n’est pas indien c’est dommage, Dernière Bande, 1999
Hôtel Robinson, Dernière Bande, 2002
Psychopharmaka, Dernière Bande, 2013

As editor, Revue de littérature générale (with Pierre Alféri)
La Mécanique lyrique, 1995
Digest, 1996

Musical performance/collaboration with Rodolphe Berger

P.O.L page with poems and recordings
Author page at Centre international de poésie Marseille

Olivier Cadiot participated in the Poetry International Festival in 1997.
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