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(Russian Federation, 1890 - 1931)
The poet Rachel`s life has taken on mythic proportions for Israel`s reading public.

Rachel (Bluwstein) was born in northern Russia in 1890, and died in Tel Aviv in 1931 of tuberculosis, which she contracted while working in schools for refugee children during World War I in Russia. All her poetry was published under her first name only, sometimes spelled ‘Rachel’, sometimes ‘Ra’hel’ (for example, by her American-born translator Robert Friend), and sometimes ‘Raxel’ or ‘Rahel’; these differences are due to the difficulties of transliterating the Hebrew consonant ‘xet’, which does not exist in European languages, except for Maltese (ħ), and which is pronounced by most of the speakers of Modern Hebrew like the Scottish ‘ch’ as in ‘Loch’ or the Dutch ‘g’ as in ‘graag’. Rachel immigrated to Palestine in 1909, during the period of Ottoman rule, and lived for nearly four years at an agricultural girls’ school on the shores of the Kinneret. In 1913 she traveled to France to study agronomy, and spent the war years in Russia. The poet returned to Palestine in 1919, to Kibbutz Degania, but soon left, as her illness prevented her from working with children, and made physical labor an impossibility as well. She lived out her last years in loneliness in a room in Tel Aviv, and was buried at the Kinneret. Most of her poetry was published in her last years, her language simple and clear, her descriptions deep and emotional; her love poems emphasize pain, loneliness and longing, while the rest often treat the strong connection to the landscape, to biblical figures, to human fate and the puzzle of death.
© Rami Saari (Translated by Lisa Katz)
My Dead
Our Garden
To My Country
Pear Tree
“Meeting, Hardly Meeting”

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In Hebrew
Shirey Raxel (Rachel's Poems), Sridot, 1997
Ha-tishma‛ qoli (Will You Hear My Voice), Bar, 1986
Be-gani neta‛tikha (I Planted You In My Garden), Tammuz, 1985
Shirim, Mikhtavim, Reshimot (Poems, Letters, Writings), Zmora-Bittan, 1985
Ka-xakot Raxel (As Rachel Waited), Tammuz, 1982
Shirat Raxel (Rachel's Poetry), Davar, 1935
Nevo (Nevo), Davar, 1932
Mi-neged (Across From), Davar, 1930
Safiax (Aftergrowth), Davar, 1927

Other Languages
Selected Poems
Dutch – Amsterdam, Amphora, 2018.
English – London, Menard, 1995 (Tr. Robert Friend)
German – Berlin, He-Chalutz, 1936; Tel Aviv, Davar, 1970
Spanish – Barcelona, Riopiedras, 1985
Yiddish – Winnipeg, WIZO U.S.A and Canada, 1932, Buenos Aires, Kium Farlag, 1957
Individual poems by Rachel have been published in Afrikaans, Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, Frisian, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Romanian, Serbo-Croatian, Slovak, Spanish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Welsh and Yiddish.

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