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Geert Buelens

Geert  Buelens

Geert Buelens

(Belgium, 1971)
Geert Buelens is a poet and Professor of Modern Dutch Literature at the University of Utrecht. In 2001 he attracted a lot of media attention with a book on the Flemish avant-garde poet Paul van Ostaijen and his influence on twentieth-century poetry in Flanders. This study was awarded the prestigious triennial Flemish Culture Prize for Essays in 2003, and has been widely acknowledged as the reference work on the experimental tradition in twentieth-century Flemish poetry. In 2002, Buelens published his first collection of poems: Het is, which was awarded the Lucy B. en C.W. van der Hoogt-prize.
Buelens has an extraordinary ear for rhythm and sound and is strongly influenced by twentieth-century American poetry. As a former editor of the literary magazine Yang he translated American poets such as Bruce Andrews, Michael Palmer and Louis Zukofsky and edited a special issue of Yang on LANGUAGE-poetry. At first sight his poetry appears to be difficult, and while it can hardly be called simple, it is never uncomprehensible. Rather, it links the quest for the appropriate linguistic structure with the everyday struggle of the lyrical protagonist.
In 2005, Buelens published his second collection of poems: Verzeker u (Ensure). 
In 2008 he published Europa Europa (Europe, Europe), an essay book about the effect of the First World War on modern poetry, in which he tries to contextualise the poetics of great European poets such as Rilke, Pessoa, Majakovski and Apollinaire.

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Literary prizes
Literary Prize for Essay of the Province of Antwerp (2003)
Lucy B. en C.W. van der Hoogt-prize (2003)
Flemish Culture Prize for Essays (2003)
ABN AMRO Bank Prize (2009)

The works of Geert Buelens are published by Meulenhoff (in Dutch).

Article in Yang Literary Magazine (in Dutch).
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