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Crossing Borders poets

Crossing Borders poets

Crossing Borders poets

(Zimbabwe, 2001)
Below is a selection of work by ten young Zimbabwean participants of the Crossing Borders writing project. In our accompanying article, extensive background information on this project is given by Ignatius T. Mabasa. As he writes: “The ideas reflected by these ten writers are significant because they are a departure from the norm. In part this is because they have real talent, genuinely wish to write, do read, and have been nurtured on the Crossing Borders programme. (…)The poems paint a graphic, vivid, almost tangible sense of uncertainty, emptiness, pain, fear and a subtle awareness of a kind of madness – a reaction to issues and events which are confronting most Zimbabweans today.”
The following writers took part in the Crossing Borders project:

Tinashe Mushakavanhu is a student at Midlands State University and writes across genres.

Ruzvidzo Mupfudza is one of the powerful new Zimbabwean writers. He has published short stories in anthologies and is an editor with a local newspaper.

Christopher Mlalazi writes from Bulawayo where he is also involved in performing arts. He has had his short stories published in New Writings from Bulawayo Volume 1 and 2.

Blessing Musariri has published a children’s book and has several unpublished poems and a children’s novel.

Dakarai Mashava is a 35-year-old Harare man who has published several poems in a number of magazines and small publications.

Batsirai Easther Chigama lives in Harare and is a member of the Zimbabwe Women Writers Association.

Fungai Tichawangana is a web designer and writer based in Harare. He runs a website for Zimbabwean writers.

Adrian Ashley is a multi-talented poet who has also acted in films. He recently travelled to the UK for a week-long writing residency with Sable-Arvon.

Joice Shereni writes from Triangle and is a member of Zimbabwe Women Writers. Her poetry mainly speaks for women.

Joyce Chigiyi is a teacher by profession and writes from Zaka in Masvingo.
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A background article by Ignatius T. Mabasa on the Crossing Borders project.
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