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Vlado Bulić

Vlado  Bulić

Vlado Bulić

(Kroatië, 1979)
Vlado Bulić writes both poetry and prose and is a widely read and well-regarded blogger. He studied computer programming at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, read Croatian Literature at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb, and works for the Croatian web-portal www.index.hr. First impressions, reliable ones in this case, suggest that he is an adherent of the realistic, ‘no-nonsense’ school of literary expression. As a result, his subject is immediately apparent, and it is still more apparent that rhetorical tropes and other poetic obscurities will have no place in his work.
On the other hand, his poetry is articulated in such a way that it has a dramaturgical effect. He goes about this as though he is writing about the most normal, most ordinary things, things which anyone with the rudiments of literacy could pick up from the daily papers. Bulić is fundamentally a poet inspired by the avant-garde, and hence inclined to subjects that are marginal in nature. Nevertheless, he is aware that what he is dealing with is the fringes of society, in contrast to other Croatian poets who try to present subjects like an everyday love affair, the shared experience of the great mass of young people in Croatia.

In any case, a whole series of linguistic and poetic strata come into play in his poetry, successfully and almost imperceptibly. The real focus of his readers\' interest is their direct identification with the lyrical protagonist as presented here, something which is not susceptible to calculation. Quite simply, a like-minded author and his public have managed to find one another, with no deal being cut in advance.

Vlado Bulić is one of the very few young Croatian poets to have described his understanding of poetry and his own literary intentions in an essay, written especially to describe how his collection 100 Pieces came into being.
© Miloš Đurđević
Translated by Kim Burton

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Essay by Vlado Bulić


100 komada, 100 Pieces, Studentski centar Sveučilišta u Zagrebu, Zagreb, 2003.

Putovanje u srce hrvatskog sna, Journey Into the Heart of Croatian Dream, novel, forthcoming.
Pušiona Denisa Lalića, Denis Lalić a Real Drag, short stories, forthcoming.

In Croatian
Web-column entitled ‘Pušiona’, written under the pen name Denis Lalić.

Selection from the book 100 peaces

Website of the bi-weekly cultural magazine Zarez from Zagreb, with the short story entitled ‘Pizdolizac’.
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