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Vincent Tholomé

Vincent Tholomé

Vincent Tholomé

(België, 1965)
Author, performing artist and literary critic, Vincent Tholomé was born in Namur, Belgium. According to his author page on BELA.be, ‘He was born in Belgium in the golden sixties. He is not, however, a golden boy. He lives in Belgium. He works in Belgium and in France and elsewhere’.  
As an author, Tholomé has produced a dozen books mixing different genres, at the border between novels and poetry, oral and written language, the real and the imaginary. As a performer, he is a member of several groups utilizing the practices and mediums of reading, writing, music and video in their work.

As a solo, duo, trio, etc., he has been seen in international events (USA, Québec, Canada, Germany, France, Hungary, Russia, etc.). As a literary critic, he frequently works for the Carnet et les Instants.

His current projects include the production and co-direction of a medium-length film inspired by his book and performance «Cavalcade»; the creation of two albums, one with the guitarist Xavier Dubois (of the duo KAAPSHLJMURSLIS), the other with the vocal artist Maja Jantar; the staging of Conquête du pays ugogo, a collaboration with Xavier Dubois; and more. These projects aim at going beyond the borders of literature stricto sensu.
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Tout le monde est quelqu’un. Rodrigol, Montréal, 2007
The John Cage Experiences. Le Clou dans le Fer, Reims, 2007
Kirkjubaejarklaustur. Le Clou dans le Fer, Reims, 2009
La Pologne et autres récits de l’est. Le Quartanier, Montréal, 2010
Histoire secrète des prairies du nord-est asiatique. Publie.net, 2010
Cavalcade. Rodrigol, Montréal / Le Clou dans le Fer, Reims, 2012
Vuaz. Maelström, 2013

Tholomé’s website
Author page on BELA.be
Video of Tholomé performing at the Brussels Poetry Festival 2014.
Video of Tholomé reading ‘Les oiseaux de Kirkjubaejarklaustur’ for La Maison de la Poésie

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