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Ali Abdolrezaei

Ali Abdolrezaei

Ali Abdolrezaei

(Iran, 1969)
Ali Abdolrezaei was born in 1969 in Northern Iran and graduated in Mechanical Engineering from Khaje Nasir University, Tehran.

Abdolrezaei is a poet, writer and literary theorist with 38 books in multiple languages. Before 2001, when he had to leave Iran, he was one of the most innovative poets of the new Persian poetry.  He has since been prolific and although he started to write in English with his Short and little like i, Persian poetry and fiction remain the mainstay of his work.
Abdolrezaei has had an undeniable effect on many poets of his generation through his poetry, speeches and interviews. He is also one of the few poets who succeeded in expressing his unique poetic individuality. His varied books of poetry endorse his poetic creativity and power. Nearly all well-known poets and critics of Persian poetry have written about Abdolrezaei’s work. His poetry is translated into many languages (e.g. see bibliography).
After 13 years of exile and a publishing ban in Iran, in 2013 the government allowed his publisher to release four of his new books. These were so well received that they were reprinted several times in three months. However, after seven months, his books were confiscated from the Tehran Book Fair, and he is banned from further publication.
Abdolrezaei is one of 34 international poets selected by the British Library, and his recordings are kept in the Sound Archives of the British Library. He is currently the Chair of Exiled Writers Ink! in the United Kingdom. 
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In Farsi
Only iron men rust in the rain, Vistar, Tehran, 1991
You name this book, Tehran, 1992
Paris in Renault, Narenj, Tehran , 1996
This dear cat, Narenj, Tehran, 1997
Improvisation, Nim-Negah, Tehran, 1999
So sermon of society, Nim-negah, Tehran, 2000
Shinema, Hamraz , Tehran, 2001
In riskdom where I live, Paris, www.poetrypub.info, 2005
Hermaphrodite, Paris, www.poetrypub.info, 2006
A gift wrapped in condom, Paris, www.poetrypub.info, 2006
The worst literature, Paris, 2007
Terror, Paris, 2009
Facebook, Paris, 2009
So, God exists, Paris, 2010
La Elaha Ella Love, Paris, 2010
Hidden camera, London, 2011
Third wisdom, London, 2011
Fantasie, Dubai, 2011
The soiree with no one, Paris, 2012
Open wound, Iran, Naakojaa, 2012
Why Zarathustra laughed?, Iran, Naakojaa, 2012
Messing about, collection of short stories, Paris, Naakojaa 2013
Mothurt, Iran, Bootimar , 2013
Lover mover, Iran, Bootimar, 2014
Speed gear speed, Iran, Bootimar, 2014
Forgive me God but not now, Iran, Cheshmeh. 2014

In English
In riskdom where I lived, a collection of 28 poems, trans. Abol Froushan, The Exiled Writers Ink, 2008
Sixology, trans. Abol Froushan, Paris, 2010
Hidden Camera, trans. Abol Froushan, London, 2011
No one says yes twice, trans. Abol Froushan, eBook, London Skool, 2012
Short & little like i, eBook, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2012

Translated poems of Abdolrezaei are also available on HAFTAD. In these assembled short pieces, a glimpse of Abdolrezaei’s poetic intentions and range is available to English readers.

In German
Zerbombt doch all das Weinen, trans. Christina Ehlers, Paris, 2010 

In Turkish
ÖLÜRƏMSƏ KİM BU YALNIZLIĞA DÖZƏR, trans. Saeed Ahmadzadeh Ardebili, Paris, 2010 
Tehlikede Yasam, trans. Saeed Ahmadzadeh Ardebili 

In Spanish
Ese, trans. Elizabeth Lorena Faitarona de Ford, Paris, 2010

In Arabic
Only iron men rust in the rain, trans. El Habib Louai, Paris, 2010

In Kurdish
Hidden camera, trans. Tayyeb Hoshyar, London, 2011

Translations (English to Persian)
Abol Froushan, I need your desert for my sneez, trans. Ali Abdolrezaei, Paris, 2010
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