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Miriam Van hee

Miriam Van hee

Miriam Van hee

(Belgium, 1952)

Miriam Van hee debuted in 1978 with her poems about homesickness, melancholy and loneliness. To her displeasure she was classified by the critics as neoromantic, the predominant trend in Flemish poetry at that time. Nevertheless, her poetry is not a flight from reality, as Van hee does broach realistic subjects. Her style is also close to spoken language and appears, if anything, cautious. Falteringly, the poetess attempts to come to terms with the world, while holding on to the familiar. The reader imagines himself safe in her world, an illusion that is often suddenly dashed.

Her sixth collection of poems, Achter de bergen (‘Behind the Mountains’, 1996) was awarded the Flemish Culture Prize for Poetry in 1998. That same year, her poems were collected in Het verband tussen de dagen. Gedichten 1978-1996 (‘The link between the days: poems’ 1978-1996), from which a large selection has been translated into French. This led the publication Magazine Littéraire to name her ‘the poetic discovery of the past few years’. De bramenpluk (‘Blackberrying’, 2002), includes poems about travel, landscapes, animals, art and love. Her latest volume, Buitenland (‘Foreign country’, 2007) was awarded the Herman de Coninck Prize for the best collection of poetry in 2008. 
Van hee is one of the most translated living poets from Flanders and was invited by poetry festivals all over the world.She has won the Poesias prize for European poetry, and her work has been recommended in England by the Poetry Book Society.

Van hee is also a slavist and has translated works by authors such as Mandelstam and Achmatova. Her most recent collection, ook daar valt het licht (‘there too falls the light’, 2013) was nominated for the 2014 VSB Poetry Prize.

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Poetry prize from van De Vlaamse Gids (1988)
Jan Campert prize (1989)
Flemish Culture Prize for Poetry (1998)
Herman de Coninck Prize (2008)
Herman de Coninck Readers’ Prize (2008)

Miriam Van hee on Lyrikline (in English).

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