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Mohamed Boudouik

Mohamed  Boudouik

Mohamed Boudouik

(Morocco, 1953)
Mohamed Boudouik was born in 1953 in Jrada, Morocco. He possesses one of the most original voices in modern Moroccan poetry. His originality derives from the fact that he draws on the Arab poetic heritage with great spontaneity. Readers find in his poetry something which transports one to the Arabian deserts, and makes one feel the invisible company of the the early wandering poets as they chanted the beauty of their beloved mistresses, or lamented the passage of time.
This deep attachment to the Arab poetic heritage is what makes Mohamed Boudouik the true heir of the early pioneers of modern Moroccan poetry. They opted for a conception of modernism that does not detract from the purity of Arabic as a millennary language.

Mohamed Boudouik is a high school teacher of Arabic, and is currently writing a research paper on the Palestinian poet Azeddine Menasra.

The Delmon Wounds, Dar al Boukili, Kenitra, 1997
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