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Nicola Della Maggiora

Nicola Della Maggiora

Nicola Della Maggiora

(Italy, 1993)

“I want to show the children that we deaf people can do anything.” 
- from an interview


Nicola Della Maggiora is an Italian actor, sign actor, translator and poet. 

He started his career in theater and has played on Italian and international stages. After the first years of his career, he began to appear on visual media, such as short films and television. Della Maggiora has been an anchor at H3 World TV’s WorldSign Week and is a sign actor on the children’s TV series Lampadino & Caramella. Most notably, he has performed at the Festival di Sanremo. He expresses himself artistically through poetry but also through the art of Visual Vernacular. Besides this, he has also made a career through signing and translating songs and gospel in and into LIS (Lingua dei segni italiana). 

As director of the Academy Department at the Institute of the Deaf in Turin, Della Maggiora works on strategies of learning and communication that make educational content available to deaf people. Furthermore, he has taken part in several cultural endeavours, such as the MAPS project, which aims to make museums around Italy accessible to deaf people, and the CABSS storybook app I Capafiori (2021). Della Maggiora is passionate about the fight for deaf people’s right to communication, information and access to culture and social relationships. 

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