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Laura Vazquez

Laura Vazquez

Laura Vazquez

(France, 1986)

'I bullshitted a lot  

I bullshitted days   

I bullshitted bodies  

I bullshitted myself '


This French poet has been a well-known voice in her own country for many years. She has published a novel and several collections, including La main de la main and Vous êtes de moins en moins. Her work has been translated into ten languages and Vazquez is a welcome guest at literature festivals around the world. She is also editor of Muscle magazine. Vazquez's slightly surreal poems have a hypnotic effect; through the repetition of her vivid words, as a reader you are slowly drawn into her work. Not only her written work, but also her theatrical recitation has that effect. In her poems, she explores the way what it means to be alive, trying to listen with her body and in that way understand the world, a world that in her poems leaves plenty of room for mystery and questioning. The spring of 2023 saw the publication of her latest collection, Le livre du large et du long, in which she explores the limits of her own imagination. Vazquez currently resides at Villa Medici in Rome, where she has received a one-year residency spot. There she is working on her first play: a lesbian tragedy. 
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