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Slađan Lipovec

Slađan Lipovec

Slađan Lipovec

(Croatia, 1972)
Slađan Lipovec (Bjelovar, 1972) studied Croatian literature at the University of Zagreb and now works as a copyeditor at T-Com’s web portal. He edited the poetry section of the Zarez, a bi-weekly cultural magazine, and worked as an executive editor for the literary magazine Quorum. His poetry, prose and non-fiction have appeared in printed and electronic magazines and newspapers in Croatia as well as on Croatian radio. His poetry has been translated into several languages and presented in anthologies of contemporary Croatian poetry.
In Lipovec’s poetry, writing about nature is a means of self-observation because he believes that voice in poetry does not exist on its own but is realized through a particular interaction and in a particular space. Following his deep understanding and connection with nature, Lipovec concentrates on the body that is thrown into space or, more precisely, different bodies in different spaces – in untouched parts of nature, in a nature transformed and changed by people and their actions, in city neighborhoods. Descriptions of landscapes are paired with narration in the second person plural, presented as impersonal speech and giving the impression of the universal, of something that is true for everyone. 

These poems “try to explain the world according to the laws of natural sciences”, Lipovec said, laws which are as important to him as the works of literature he has read. Expressions, paraphrases and quotations from poetry and prose are in their number and poetic intention equal to those from mathematics, physics and chaos theory. His poetry wants to take part in a particular way of observing and understanding the described world as a complex system that is in constant movement and change.  His intention seems to be to put together a picture of contemporary man who “always moves, travels, lives on the road, between places and without firm coordinates.” Particular distributions of words in verses, frequent enjambments, as well as in particular rhythms in the poems, serve that purpose too.
© Miloš Đurđević (Translated by Tomislav Kuzmanović)

Posljednja topla noć with E. Rudan and D. Peričić, Varaždinsko književno društvo, Varaždin, 2002
Emily Dickinson u mom gradu, Naklada MD, Zagreb, 2003
Rijeke i mjesečine, HDP/Durieux, Zagreb, 2007

Teslin dan, an educational CD-ROM, with V. Končar, Agencija za školstvo RH 2006, second edition 2007.


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