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Asmaa Azaizeh

Asmaa Azaizeh

Asmaa Azaizeh

(Palestine, 1985)

“I do not have an account in the bank of wars, but a Hourani woman reassured me that my cheques are valid.”  
from: Don’t believe me if I talked to you of war 


Asmaa Azaizeh is a Palestinian poet and interdisciplinary artist, who was appointed the first director of the Mahmoud Darwish Museum in Ramallah in 2012. 

In her poetry she does not shy away from raising heavy topics such as war, grief and memory as well as depicting the dire and inhumane circumstances in Palestine, not allowing the reader to look away. Her poems express a disillusionment with those in power and are fiercely outspoken against oppression. Her poems are clear-cut and powerful, and despite the painful present and the ominous future, she defiantly searches for glimmers of hope and beauty in her poems. 

Asmaa Azaizeh has published four poetry collections. The Al Qattan Foundation recognized her with the Debutant Writer Award for her debut Liwa (2011). Her collection Don’t Believe Me If I Talk To You Of War (2019) was translated into Dutch and Swedish. Azaizeh’s poetry has also been translated into German, Spanish, Farsi, Italian, Greek and Hebrew, among others. 

Furthermore, she has worked as a cultural editor for several leading Palestinian and Arabic newspapers, and as a presenter for television and radio. Azaizeh currently runs Shahrur, an online bookstore for children’s books. 


- 2011. Liwa. Jordan: Al-Ahlia
- 2015. As The Woman from Lod Bore me. Jordan: Al-Ahlia 
- 2018. Don’t Believe me If I Talk to you of War. Milan: Almutawassit  
- 2017. Unturned Stone (Poetry Anthology). Jordan: Al-Ahlia  
- 2022. The Body I Once Climbed. Jordan: Al-Ahlia  

Translated Works  

- 2019. Don’t Believe me If I Talk to you of War. Netherlands:  
Uitgeverij Jurgen Maas. Translated by Nisrine Mbarki 
- 2019. Don’t Believe me If I Talk to you of War. Sweden: Ramus.  
Translated by: Jasim Mohammad 
- Don’t Believe me If I Talk to you of War. France.
Will be published by Zoème and translated by Chakib Ararou in 2024 
- The Body I Once Climbed. France.
Will be published by Zoème and translated by Lotfi Nia in 2024 


- Al-Qattan Foundation award, 2010 

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