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About Poetry International Festival 2022

The BODY as/ in/ of POETRY

About the 52nd Poetry International Festival

From Friday 10 to Sunday 12 June the 52nd Poetry International Festival, featuring leading poets and eye-catching emerging talents, will once more present a surprising showcase of today’s poetry from all over the world. For more than fifty years the festival has been a haven for poets and lovers of language. Along with festival venues LantarenVenster and Verhalenhuis Belvédère, a new generation of Rotterdam-based makers and many partners, Poetry International is taking things one step further this time. We will be throwing our doors wide open, with accessible events bursting with linguistic delights, and actively seeking encounters in order to spark a passion for language in a new audience. Discover a world full of poetry that experiments, confronts, inspires and activates, with readings, special thematic events and individual venue programmes, talkshows, films, workshops, poetry tours and afterparties. 

Festival theme: The BODY as/in/of POETRY

For more and more poets, the body is inextricably linked with their identity, social and political status, life opportunities and hazards, and their joie de vivre. This awareness of the body is the driving force that gives their poetry direction and rhythm, and plays a key role in the content and the physical appearance of their poems. Now that people are more likely to enjoy poetry at readings by the poet, the impact of the body is even greater, underlining the message and strengthening the connection with the audience. The 52nd Poetry International Festival will welcome spoken-word artists, and also dancers, musicians and actors who seek the poetry of the body, and are keen to learn about everything that literally and figuratively moves them.

What’s NEXT?

Friday is given over to the new generation of makers. Who are the poets and performers of the future? What is their work like, and how do they organise their performances and their contact with their audience? It will be a day full of idiosyncratic experimentation with content, form, performance, media and activism in the playground of language. Experimentation will also be key at the opening of the festival on Friday evening. What’s NEXT?


On Sunday, enjoy the Dutch and Flemish language arts in all their diversity, as the writers of amazing collections, the most striking newcomers and sensational performers present their poems and pieces. There will also be plenty of scope to explore the latest intriguing initiatives and collectives, surprising trends and off-the-page poetry, which will be turned inside out and interpreted in columns, keynote speeches and debates. And of course the 35th C. Buddingh’ Prize for the best Dutch-language poetry debut will be awarded. We will also present an ode to K. Schippers, the unforgettable poet whom we sadly lost last year. The STATE of POETRY will be produced in collaboration with Poëziecentrum Gent and poetry magazine Awater.


In the weeks leading up to the festival we will start celebrating poetry with performances and previews in a variety of locations, both familiar and unexpected. Check this website, our social media and newsletter for updates. Register for our newsletter.

The 52nd Poetry International Festival is created by

Festival team
Reinier Weers, general directeur a.i.
Cro Lampe, coördination program and production festival
Jan Baeke, programmer
Dean Bowen, programmer
Fleur Jeras, coördination translations and programmer
Marjolijn Abel, production
Catelien van der Hoeven, marketing and communication (a.i.)
Jan Coerwinkel, marketing and communication
Soukaïna Bennani, marketing and communication (intern)
Rachel de Bie, social media
Joshua Snijders, coördination 'Louder Than a Bomb'
René van der Giessen, business coordination
Chantal Brontsema, office manager
Maaike Bissegger, production (intern)
Suzanne Kerklaan, production and hospitality

Translators into English
Jeffrey Angles (Takako Arai, from Japanese)
Chris Daniels (Ricardo Domeneck, from Portugese)
Jennifer Hayashida (Athena Farrokhzad, from Swedish)
John Irons (Eva Gerlach, from Dutch)
Renée von Paschen (Cornelia Hülmbauer, from German)
Michele Hutchison (Sasja Janssen, from Dutch) 
Donald Gardner (Mustafa Kör, from Dutch)
Deborah Dawkin (Nils Christian Moe-Repstad, from Norwegian)
Jim Kates (vertaalt Aigerim Tazhi, from Russian)
Kaitlin Rees (vertaalt Nhã Thuyên, from Vietnamese)
Tanya Huntington,JD Pluecker (Sara Uribe, from Spanish)
Jake Levine (vertaalt Kim Yideum, from Korean)
Gonca Özmen's poetry has been translated from Turkish by several translators

Translators into Dutch
Babeth Fonchie Fotchind (Threa Almontaser, from English)
Ivo Smits (Takako Arai, from Japanese)
Harrie Lemmens (Ricardo Domeneck, from Portugese)
Nisrine Mbarki (Safia Elhillo, from English/Arabic)
Lisette Keustermans (Athena Farrokhzad, from Swedish) 
Erik de Smedt (Cornelia Hülmbauer, from German) 
Alfred Schaffer (Ilya Kaminsky, from English)
Fiep van Bodegom (Laura Jane Lee, from English)
Liesbeth Huijer (Nils Christian Moe-Repstad, from Norwegian) 
Sytske Söteman (Gonca Özmen, from Turkish)
Pieter Boulogne (Aigerim Tazhi, from Russian)
Hồ Thanh Vân (Nhã Thuyên, from Vietnamese)
Lisa Thunnissen (Sara Uribe, from Spanish)
Mattho Mandersloot (Kim Yideum, from Korean)

Gemeente Rotterdam
Nederlands Letterenfonds
Stichting Van Beuningen Peterich-fonds
Ludo Pieters Gastschrijver Fonds
Hendrik Muller fonds
Lira fonds
J.E. Jurriaanse
Literature Translation Institute of Korea
LantarenVenster – Verhalenhuis Belvédère